To void excrement from the bowels through the anus; have a bowel movement.


The T.P. covered it up a bit today…04152012

I’ve been defecating normally these days.  My intestines are cooperating to make sure I don’t embarrass myself online maybe.  It might also be because I’ve been keeping a very regular schedule of eat, work, stay home and watch TV while wondering about my existence and my future… What was the point of getting a B.Sc.? Will this ASc in Forensics really help me get a better job (preferably in a related field, somewhere in a police department)? 

My second BCIT Forensics course starts tomorrow, FSCT8351 CCTV and Forensic Examination.  I’m sort of excited.  This one has a lab component on the last 2 days of class that I’m looking forward to, although the in class final on the last day intimidates me a bit.  It’s been a while since I’ve done an in class examination, but I’ll just deal with these first world problems one at a time…

Other problems I am dealing with:

  • Carpet needs to be vacuumed
  • Work tomorrow
  • The accessories I can’t afford to buy
  • My cat is hiding in the cupboard because my friend’s dog slept over as a trial run for when I dog-sit for 3 weeks starting in May. Poor thing…
  • What shows should I watch next, now that I’m all finished Season 2 of Modern Family and the new season isn’t complete yet?  Same for Community, The Office, Parks & Recreation. Wow, I’m a TV junkie. That’s another problem.  The sun’s out, maybe I should have gone out instead of written this/watched Japanese dramas.
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